Mixing Prints in Fashion

Coming off a print-heavy season in Spring fashion (jeans, scarf prints and pre-Fall) , it’s no surprise that trendsetters continue to push the envelope and take all of those patterns to the next level.  This Fall, the trend with mixing prints is to do it with bold color, and it seems as though there are no rules.  Mix florals with stripes, or large-scale florals with small-scale florals and pair graphics with anything.  One need not worry about garanimal matching, like the pajama trend we saw this past Spring.  Take a look at Anthropologie’s styling (below)…

Blueberry Lime Cardigan;  Wasabi Floral A-Line Skirt;  Wasabi Floral Velvet Shell;  Chili Flower Tee;  Frosted Flowers Lace Crops

I wasn’t a fan of pattern mixing in Spring, so, my attempt to translate this trend into my wardrobe will be to take on a “safer” more cohesive mix and stick to monochromatic blending.

…a la Diane von Furstenberg | photo by Yannis VlamosPreen | photo by Marcus Tondo, Lela Rose | photo by Yannis Vlamos.

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