Brimfield Blues

photo by Michael Williams

OMG!  Just like the “M” missing above, I’m feeling a bit awry.

I know it may sound pathetic, but I hate missing opening day at Brimfield, which happened to be yesterday.  Yet, as life shall have it, this week is filled with a bunch of “firsts” for our children — our oldest started middle school yesterday, and our girls start kindergarten tomorrow — so, I AM right where I’m supposed to be, even though I’m longing to have my heart pumping as I try to race through the fields at the Antique Show.

In the meantime, Tracy Foley of Water & Main, has sent me photos and is on the hunt for some items that I’d like to use at the Junior League Show House.  If you are in search of something specific, or something you’ve seen in my Brimfield posts or on Pinterest, contact Tracy.  She offers services to track down what you are looking for.  Read about her Brimfield expertise, here.

If you are new to Ei3’s, you can check out my Brimfield posts from previous shows:  Brimfield May 2012 recaps;  Last year’s #Brimfield TweetUp;  May 2011 Opening Day.

…Or head over to New England Finery magazine, where I give some Style for Less tips from Brimfield.

photo by Michael Williams – A Continuous Lean

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