Summer’s End & Ocean Inspired Rooms

It’s hard to believe that our Summer is almost over.  We have a busy Fall ahead of us, and it feels like we haven’t had enough days to just lay around like a beached seal.

Great Point, Nantucket (above & below)

One way to make the Summer last, is to incorporate the colors of the sand and ocean into your interior color scheme.  Take a cue from Mary McDonald’s living room & kitchen design at the Santa Barbara Design House and Gardens Showhouse (open to the public after Labor Day from Sept. 13 through Oct. 7), where blue walls, blue furnishings and driftwood finishes were inspired by the California coastline.

photo by Dominique Vorillon

See a preview of the rooms at the show house in Traditional Home’s September 2012 issue or over here.

Enjoy your weekend!

Great Point photos by Cecilia Walker; Mary McDonald kitchen & living room by Dominique Vorillon via Traditional Home

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