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Celebrating London & the Olympics

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

I’ve gotten a case of Olympic fever, and find myself watching an unusual amount of television to keep up with the games and the coverage in London.  I love seeing images of the city and the different Olympic venues, and am yearning to go back for a visit.  If I were lucky enough to attend these Summer Games, I’d be decked out in my red, white and blue cheering on Team USA, but I think London is doing such a wonderful job hosting, that currently, I’m all about celebrating their colors.

1. pencil tin 2. trinket box 3. trunks 4. art 5. rug

No celebration is complete without cake, and how cool is this Olympic pool-styled one by Miss Candiquik?

Check out her other ideas for Olympic party eats, here.

images:  (1) Moghul Interiors (2) created by Ei3s (3) Miss Candiquik

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