Instagram + iPhone Case = Casetagram


designed by ericraicovic

I love Instagram photos, and find them so inspiring — so when I came across Casetagram, I thought, slam dunk!  Casetagram is a “social design service” where you can use your Instagram photos to create iPhone and iPad cases.  So after you’re done getting lost on Pinterest; or can manage to peel away from Facebook;  or in my case, part with blogs, for even just a few minutes, check out Casetagram’s Gallery of cases, and discover another way to share your creativity socially.

Here are 3 of my favorites:

designed by naolingo

Because, we need to be reminded that Life is Good…

designed by manda10786

(…and there’s an Instagram of Milk St. in Boston)

Limes.  Lemon.  Color.

designed by amogrady

images via

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