Smart Design in Hot Pink

Riddle:  What is “Smart,” has wheels and is hot pink with CW all over?

Answer:  CeCe the C.Wonder Smart car!

When I first spotted the car, I squealed with joy — a pink Smart car with CW designs all over it?!  My initials!  It is just so perfect!  I knew by the logos that it had to belong to C.Wonder, which just opened a store on Nantucket this summer.  So when I walked around and saw its side, I smiled even bigger!

The passenger door reads, “Take me to C.Wonder,” but even better, the car has a name!

Outfitted with its ACK sticker and Nantucket Parking Permit sticker (below), I learned via Facebook that Cece will be on the island for the summer.

I was dying to know the reason behind the name “Cecilia.”  So, when I asked, Rachel, from the store on Nantucket, had said that the owner (Christopher Burch) loves the song Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel.  A song I know all too well, as it has been sung to me my entire life!

I love it.  The CW’s.  The colors. The eco-consciousness.  And, of course, its name!  So, Chris Burch, can I have it?

C.Wonder – Federal Street, Nantucket

photos by Ei3s

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