Taking in Nantucket’s Charm

Last week, I took a walk up to a friend’s house for a visit, and stopped along the way to admire the little details that add to the charm of Nantucket’s historic downtown.

This guest cottage, with weathervane atop and white picket fence, is one of my favorites.  Cue in, chocolate lab, and it doesn’t get more picturesque.

Blue doors.  There are lots of blue doors on Nantucket, considering the fact that Nantucket’s Historic District Commission has approved 3 blue colors (of a total of only  11 approvable colors ) for use on the exterior of homes:  Hamilton Blue (Pantone Matching System 5415), Nantucket Blue (PMS 5473) and Newport Blue (PMS 5408).  I liked the molding detail on the frame of the 5-paneled door (above, left), and noticed the old 21-paned door window (above, right) in addition to its interesting placement, where the door is inset in the alcove to the right.

The sign on this 1755 home reads “In this house in 1839 Whittier wrote ‘The Exiles,'” a poem about Thomas Macy fleeing Salisbury, MA for Nantucket.

The proximity of homes in town — here, three side-by-side, nestled so closely together.  I love the glossy white garage door and cobblestoned driveway apron.

On our walk home, our friend, a long-time Nantucket resident, directed us via a path that her kids refer to as the “hopscotch street” and told my kids to grab a couple of rocks from her driveway before we headed out.  Note that it sits in front of a house numbered “3.”

photos by Ei3s 

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