Get Lit Up!

I just got “lit.”  Well, actually, I was just nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award – an award bestowed on fellow bloggers for illuminating and informative blog content.


I had never heard of the award before, so naturally, I needed to research a bit.  The Illuminating Blogger Award was started by food blogger, C.J. of Food Stories.  C.J. already has an award related to food and storytelling, but according to her,

“…it just seemed so narrow.  People have asked if they could give it to other blogs that weren’t related to food so I thought I would create an award that is more inclusive of everyone. When I visit other blogs, I always learn so much from the informative content, blogging techniques or personalities, etc … I always learn something so I wanted to be able to offer this to everyone. This is a great way to pay it forward and meet new people!”

Okay.  I get it.  I’m not much of a chain letter person, and feel terrible when I break a chain.  But this is different.  I’m not going to have my wish broken if I don’t respond, nor win $10,000 if I forward on.  And, I certainly don’t have to send a recipe to 10 people on a list and then add my name.  This is a great way to acknowledge those bloggers that inspire me, and to support them.  So I am in.

My nomination came as a big surprise from Barbara Hirsch of Elza B. Design.  I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara at the #Brimfield Tweetup and have enjoyed reading her blog, Chez Elza, ever since.  Barbara is a talented designer both in interiors and fashion (a career she stepped away from), so to be recognized by her is, truly, an honor.  Thank you, Barbara!

And now, to fulfill my nomination acceptance, I must follow these steps (as must anyone that I nominate):

  1. Visit the award site and leave a comment indicating your nomination and by whom.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you by posting and linking their blog.
  3. Include a courtesy link back to the official award site.
  4. Share one random thing about yourself in your award blog post.
  5. Select at least five other bloggers of which you enjoy reading their illuminating, informative posts and nominate them for the award. Please feel free to nominate more than five if you wish.
  6. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog and include a link to the award site.


I am becoming my mother!  My mother is an interior designer, and I may never get the ASID part, but yesterday I had a flashback!  Now that school is out, I am dragging my kids on “work” errands.  Yesterday, it was Colony Rug.  Thankfully, Paige has known my kids for several years and has the patience of a saint.  My kids waltz in and head right to the candy jar at the reception desk (I, too, did this when my mom brought me to showrooms), and then my daughter climbed atop a pile of 9′ x 12′ rugs, and I cringed and smiled at the same time — asking her to please get down! and remembering when my siblings and I would lie on top of a bunch of Persian rugs as mom would flip through them.  So, while I hear my mother’s voice, “Someday, you’ll thank me,” or “You’ll remember this,” in my head (and know that I rolled my eyes back then), I do hope to become just like her.

#5.  My nominees (some which may be no surprise, as they are on my Blogroll for a reason):

1.  Bogle Street

2.  Decor Happy

3.  Sarah Winchester Studios

4.  Macaroon Original

5.  Water & Main

Go check them out and hopefully you’ll get “lit-up” (with inspiration) too.

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