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Brimfield 2012 Recap: Part III – Hunting for Wall Decor

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

photo by IgoeCreative

Everything I brought home from Brimfield, this trip, fell into the category of wall decor.  I couldn’t resist the stainless steel letters, spelling out R-E-D, as I discussed in Part I.  But, specifically, I was looking for signs for two projects that I’m working on.  Here are a few that caught my eye.

 The words “Snack Bar” were affixed to both sides of the giant wooden arrow, but this side was more appealing because of the worn paint colors in white and chartreuse.

photo by IgoeCreative

Two curious and very nice women, lingered behind us and at one point helped me measure the sign.  It felt like Tracy, Sheila and I were on a reality show, as they insisted that they wanted to listen in on our decision-making and waited to hear the outcome.  Would I buy it?

I was drawn to the shape and the colors of this Contractor sign, and contemplated hanging it in my office.

I loved the scale of these two signs.  At 8′ tall, they would be an incredible focal point in a room.  I only wanted the “Station” sign, but there was no motivating the dealer to split them up.  I was informed that the signs were valuable — from the Browne Service Station, but were once signs for the Lunt family in Newbury, MA, as indicated on the backside of the signs.

Although, this checkered flag with the Exxon Pegasus was not a sign, each of us spotted it because of my post a couple of weeks ago.

You can take a guess at which “ladies” this sign is directed to, but….. hellooo, Las Vegas Hotel Association, when have ladies ever been discreet?

Aside from signs, I paid attention to the art at Brimfield.

A 1968 silk screen by Gad Ullman feels very current with all of the Spring 2012 neon colors that are out in the marketplace.  There is so much symbolism with “threes” in the print — with the 3 fish and the 3 faces — I’d love to be able to decipher.

An original oil painting from the ’70s.

With a July birthday, the crab is significant…and again, the red frame.  I love red.

So, what came home with me?  Did I buy the “Snack Bar” sign?  I did buy some art, which happens to be my favorite purchase, but did not buy the Snack Bar arrow.  Instead I took home this blue and white metal sign…

and this quarterboard.

It is going to be placed on the wall of a room facing closest to Nantucket Sound.

all photos by Ei3’s, otherwise noted above

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