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Brimfield 2012 Recap: Part II – New Trend?

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

As I mentioned in Part I, the industrial trend we’ve seen for a few years at Brimfield, still had a presence, which was not a surprise since it’s fairly mainstream in home furnishing catalogs and brick-and-mortar stores.  That said, I did see glimpses of an emerging new trend.

Military.  Confused?  I’m still trying to sort it out in my mind, but as we walked through various fields at Brimfield, I did see a strong military influence.

Trunks, with a random sea shell displayed on top.

Cans of Emergency Drinking Water, Property of U.S. Gov’t

More trunks in bold, bright yellow.

There were aviator parts, lockers, and military-equipment type of containers strewn across the lawn behind one dealer’s tent.  The stuff would be cool to use in visual merchandising for window displays or store vignettes, but I tried to process how it all would translate into home decor, other than the obvious — such as, using a trunk as a side table or coffee table base.  In fashion, the military trend was prominent on Fall 2012 runways — remember, Marc Jacobs?  Military looks are pretty cyclical with fashion labels, so it will be interesting to see if “military” actually becomes a big trend in home furnishings.  Beware gray…here comes “army green.”

Otherwise, there was no shortage of industrial lighting at Brimfield.

and factory carts

I liked these industrial bases for a project.

What do you think about military looks?  Any other Brimfield-goers see the same things or agree?  Is this a fizzle? or are you like me and sense a bigger trend?

all photos by Ei3s

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