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Brimfield 2012 Recap: What We Did, Saw and Brought Home, Part I

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

When I think back to every Brimfield show I’ve attended, I remember the details of each shopping trip by what I brought home:  My red stool…first trip;  English pine bench and Whaler’s Tavern sign…May 2002;  Antique fishing rod…May 2004;   Gear mirror and first Tweetup…last September.  While I did come home with more than expected, this trip will be marked by the memory of what I left behind!  Even now, I could kick myself, but in the moment, I just couldn’t pull the trigger.  I’m just hoping that Tracy can circle back in July and find the item for me!

In any case, the highlight of my trip was the #Brimfield Tweetup, hosted by Cynthia Bogart (The Daily Basics) and Gretchen Aubuchon (Fashion + Decor).

photo by Bruce Barone

 {with Sheila Igoe and Tracy Foley}

photo by Igoe Creative

 Inside the Tweetup tent, talking with Anne Flanders, Gretchen Aubuchon and Tracy.

The first Tweetup we attended was at the September 2011 show, and were only able to pop into the event a couple of times that go around.  This time, Tracy, Sheila and I had planned to stay for the Tweetup dinner and hit as many fields as we could.  Our midday check-in at the tent was quick.  We dropped off a sign that I had been lugging around, and wanted to say hello to Cynthia and Gretchen.  It was tempting to stay and meet some new faces or to stand in line for a seated chair massage (one of the generous perks), but after a few conversations (and finally meeting Megan!), we set out for more shopping.

It wasn’t until that evening, at dinner, when we really felt the magic of the Tweetup.  During the day, our mindset was in “attack” mode.  Shopping with Tracy is pretty intense, she is fast and focused.  Sheila and I were a bit more leisurely, but once we realized how quickly time was going by, we too felt the panic.  It’s hard to explain, but the sheer vastness of Brimfield is intimidating, and the thought of “can I find what I’m looking for?” and “can I make it through all the fields?” in the few hours we had left, put the pressure on.  Top of mind, we knew we wanted to make it back to the Tweetup tent for the Live Chat — and were cued by Gretchen on when to catch Courtney and Bob Novogratz — but three fields down when we hit pay dirt, there was no going back!

Despite the fact that we missed meeting our design heroes (the Novogratzes), our evening with a group of talented designers, editors, photographers, bloggers, social media gurus and teams from Benjamin Moore, Company C and Joss & Main, was food for the soul.  It was pretty amazing to be surrounded by a group of like-minded people.  There was such a great energy and so much to learn from the conversations we had with each other — or at least the ones I tried to have.  (I had lost my voice, literally.  Of all occasions to not be able to physically speak, was the one where all I wanted to do was talk!!  Pure torture.)  Needless to say, it was a terrific event.

I wish I could say more about the actual show.  Overall, I felt like we saw a lot of the same things from past shows for two years in a row.  There was still a huge industrial influence, and prices seemed even higher than last year.  We had to search harder this time — or maybe it just felt that way because we each had our own list — but were able to find some really cool items.  I loved so much of the mid-century modern furniture and art, but needed to have deeper pockets to play in that game.

Here are some of the things we saw.

 Pulleys and lifesaving rings

This industrial coffee table was gone when we went back to pick up some things.

These mid-century modern club chairs in hindsight were a steal, but the dealer wasn’t willing to break up the set of 4 and at that point, my head was spinning, wishing I had driven a van instead of my SUV.

Wooden egg crates that I should’ve gotten for my sister, who has chickens.

A Chinese Chippendale project.

Some “threes” things:

photo by Igoe Creative

photo by Igoe Creative


And more cool items:

…including Louis Vuitton store signage.

photo by IgoeCreative

The zinc and gold letters were each sold as a set and commanded a hefty price as well as a serious collector.


I love the color red, so naturally was drawn to this Chinese antique console.

But instead, took home these letters.

Next up will be posts on Brimfield art, signs and an emerging new trend.  So stay tuned and check back.

all photos by Ei3’s otherwise noted above 

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