Brimfield 2012 Countdown

I can’t contain my excitement!  Brimfield is one week away!  I thought I’d be more organized this year than last, and as I went through my old posts about Brimfield, I reflected, in awe, on how the dynamics of the event have changed.  Last year, on my drive out to Brimfield, I was getting minute-to-minute updates and photos of “finds” via Twitter.  At the May show, I had advance notice from Grace Bonney, that Ralph Lauren’s visual merchandising team was out early scooping up loads of items.  In September, I attended my first-ever organized Brimfield event, the #Brimfield Tweet Up, and was getting weather updates through the #brimfield hashtag.  Times have certainly changed.

This year I want to circle back to a few dealers and try to find some of the things I had my eye on last year.  I have a list of other pieces that I had forgotten to search for, and, once again, have also enlisted the help of Tracy Foley of Water & Main —  she has such a keen eye and great style.  If I tell her,  she will find!  Keep Tracy in mind if you’re looking for a unique item and contact her now!!  She’s got a hefty list going into this show, and this year she’ll get a head start over me, as I plan to attend the Tweet Up later in the week.  I’m usually good for one day.  Tracy attends multiple days.  If you attend Brimfield and can’t pull the trigger on something while you are there, then record its location — write down the Field name, Booth# and dealer information — and, if by the time you’ve gone home, you realize that you must have that item you left behind, call Tracy, and she’ll do the double-back for you.  It’s one of the services Water & Main provides.  I’ve been in this position after almost every show, and have been grateful to have Tracy as a resource.

One item that I always keep an eye out for is a Mobil Gas Pegasus sign, like this one.

I first fell in love with this sign back when I saw it on the cover of Country Home‘s April 2004 issue.


The Pegasus sign, is one of several vintage signs and red accents in this Columbia County (New York) weekend home.  As you can see from the tattered and torn cover, I’ve poured over the pages in the article.  The home is filled with a mix of old and new, vintage and modern, and has a recycled and re-purposed aesthetic, so, I never tire of the images.  One of my favorite elements is that barn door in the living room– one not seen all over Pinterest or the internet.  The other two signs that I love inside the home are the Goodyear Tire winged-sandal in white (below, left) and the wooden “Cigars” one for its font and color.

Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?

images:  (1) MobilGas Pegasus sign via; (2,3) photography by Quentin Bacon, “Better Off Red,” Country Home, April 2004

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