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Three Things: Waves

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

In the midst of typical “April showers,” my mind is still at the beach.   Nantucket is “la-la land” for me and when we return home, we always joke and say ‘re-entry is tough.’  When I think about things in threes, or the proportion of thirds, I see balance.  The ocean is the same.  It is calm and wild.  While the sound of waves are soothing and therapeutic, there are some of us that like to “make waves” — to ruffle feathers a bit and speak up or stand out.  Waves are symbolic of life — its ups and downs.  We need the force to push through the difficult and sail through the calm — to seek…balance.

Metaphors aside, here are 3 things designed with waves:

Niermann Weeks Volute chandelierStudio Bon Textiles – Ric Rac (1) Midnight (2) Candy (3) Pool;  Soli – New Wave Basalt Tile


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