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Lulu deKwiatkowski Love

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Already a fan of Lulu DK, I was excited to hear about the new collaboration between Lulu deKwiatkowski and Schumacher on a sophisticated children’s line of fabrics.  Yesterday, I joined Dulcey Connon at a seminar called “Designing For the Sophisticated Child,” where LuluDK’s Child collection for Schumacher was introduced.  The line was thoughtfully designed by Lulu deKwiatkowski — a mother herself, of three boys (with a set of twins in the mix) — who created the designs by hand, beginning the process by painting them on drop-cloth canvases.  The designs embody her signature of bold, whimsical, and colorful style and will carry a child’s room from infancy to teen.

Having girls and a boy of my own, I designed their rooms to grow with them — investing in pieces, such as upholstered headboards (not toddler beds), and “grown-up” furniture with sophisticated lamps (not the ones my kids would pick, or we’d have Dora and Tinkerbell to switch off at night).  LuluDK and Schumacher’s collaborative efforts are the same with her collection of fabrics.

I’ve grouped my favorite designs from the line (below), but you can view the entire collection along with a gallery of photos here.

1. Jungle Jubilee, 2.Parade, 3. Love Border, 4. Ode to Matisse, 5. Twix Tape, 6. Jelly Bean

1. Firecrackers, 2. Jungle Jubilee, 3. Love, 4. Love Border, 5. Lollipop, 6. Cha-Cha, 7. Twix Tape

I tend to decorate kids’ rooms in an unexpected way, (i.e. creating a “blue” girl’s room) so I really love how the elephant design, called “Parade” (#2, in the punch-colored grouping), and “Lollipop” (#5, above) can go both ways — either in a girl’s or boy’s room.  For those that are looking for more gender-specific patterns, Lulu also designed butterflies, stars and sailboats.

Dulcey and I got the opportunity meet and chat with Lulu after the presentation.  I wanted to hear more about her children and her family — she is the youngest of six!  During the panel discussion, Lulu had mentioned that her kids played a role in picking out some of the designs — her twins having different personalities and likes (this I know all too well, and related).  And the best, was learning that her sister has triplets also!  Can I get her number?

A designer, in the audience, had mentioned how beautiful and inspiring Lulu’s book, Lulu, is.  (The painting on her book cover is available as a pattern, called “Color Wheel,” in her fabric line.)  Buy book on Amazon.  Check.

Artist.  Designer.  Mother.  Lulu, you totally rock in my book!

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