Signs of Spring on Nantucket

We spent Easter weekend with friends and family on Nantucket and enjoyed seeing and experiencing signs of Spring on the island.

Stacks of lobster traps out of the water.

Mooring buoys waiting to go back in.

A couple of seagulls hanging out on a dinghy surrounded by empty slips, as compared to a similar shot of the same spot in the Summer.

Bright yellow daffodils.

The cleverly designed store windows at Pollacks — mannequins dressed in brown paper-bag attire with daffodil accents.  I love the polka-dotted cut-out shift and the crinkled strapless dress (above), and the cheeky (no pun intended) more risqué pair in the window beside (see below).  The store is closed for the season, but looks like they’re stocking up with beautiful clothing and will be open for Daffodil Weekend.

I took note of lots of lettered objects as home accessories.

Hand-painted (in milk paint) decorative balls spell out Nantucket by artist Joanna Kane at Nantucket Looms.  There was also a set “02554” — the zip code — that she had done.

Colorful painted pots in the window at Belongings‘ new spot on Washington Street.

I love the colors of the shells that my kids brought home from our beach outing, atop the grey weathered table — definitely, an inspirational palette.

And as silly as it may seem to some, the sounds of walking on shelled paths and driveways make me happy.  It’s like the smell of fresh-cut grass or ocean air, and the warmth of the sun on your skin.

A reader recently asked about my threes-related posts.  Sometimes they’re obvious, sometimes they’re not.  Sometimes, they’re a bit corny.  So if I had to find a spin here, it would be that I saw “signs of Spring” in three categories:  nautical sights, daffodils, and store preparations for the season.  Does that work?

all photos by Ei3’s

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