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On Design, Fashion & Life

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

This week 3 books were released on design, fashion and life — interestingly two of the books were authored by bloggers, and the other, by one of my interior design icons.

Tim Clarke is one of my favorite interior designers.  His style and work embodies the philosophy I love — of clean, crisp lines with comfortable, modern furnishings and natural textures and elements.  I’ve featured one of his kitchen designs (here), and discussed the way he has used groupings of threes on the blog here.  So, naturally, I didn’t hesitate to purchase his new book, Coastal Modern.  See the interiors of one of his recent projects and read a great interview over on Casa Sugar.

Tomboy Style by freelance writer and blogger, Lizzie Garrett, is based on her blog and sophisticated tomboys (and fashion icons) in history.  The folks at Ralph Lauren have added the book to their shelves and feature a video clip about the book here.  One of my friends has labeled my fashion style as “preppy tomboy,” which happens to be a section in the book.

And lastly, Rurally Screwed.  The name, in of itself, is humorous — depicting the life of writer and blogger, Jessie Knadler.  Jessie, a former women’s magazine editor from New York, met a cowboy at a rodeo in Montana on assignment, fell in love, and did a one-eighty, moving out to the country.  The book is an autobiographical tale about their lives, which has been described as “both laugh-out-loud hilarious and sad and touching” at the same time.  It’s a love story about opposites, as Jessie navigates her new life through the foreign environment of rural Virginia.  My sister introduced me to Jessie’s blog — they’re friends, and a character in the book is based on her.  (You’ll have to read the book and guess who!)  Jessie’s writing style is hilarious, clever and truly unique.  If you haven’t read her blog yet, it’s a must-read!

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