Trend Watch: Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” Style


Madonna’s new video “Girl Gone Wild” premiered on E! last night and is already trending worldwide on Twitter (#MadonnaWild).  The opening lyrics — with a version of the Act of Contrition — in my opinion, is sure to cause some controversy amongst Catholics.  Madonna pushes the boundaries as we’ve seen her do in the past — grinding, licking, kissing.  I can remember the fashion trends that emerged from her ’80s video “Borderline,” and here she sports 3 looks:  a super vixen;  pop art icon, in a metal mesh t-shirt; and Marilyn Monroe/Madonna.  My money is on watching out for a trend in fingerless leather driving gloves — a departure from the fingerless lace ones from almost 3 decades ago.

’80srubber bracelets, cross pendant, lace glovesFuture trendsGucci metallic t-shirt, leather gloves, striped shorts.

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