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Hit or Miss

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

I love the days when you walk into Home Goods and find Frette linens mixed in with the sheet sets.  Definitely a hit.  You know that if you even waver for a second, the item will be gone.  The other day, I ran through the store and saw some great things.

A pair of mercury lamps at $59.99 a piece, and a pair of lamps by Drexel Heritage — these a bit more pricey at $129.99 each.

I’m picky about upholstered furniture, and think it’s important to invest in pieces that are made well — specifically, with eight-way hand-tied construction.  However, the zig zag fabric on this pair of chairs swayed me a bit, especially at $199.99 each.  The zinc planters were a no-brainer at $59.99!

This tiger maple chest was a great deal $799.99, as the price tag is marked “Compare at $2,500”.  I searched for the manufacturer on this piece, but to no avail.  Even so, it was a solid piece with dovetail drawers.

Good design is not inaccessible.  You may just have to hunt a bit, and have patience!


photos by Ei3’s


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