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On the Cover: Surfside Sanctuary

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

I am swooning over this home on Nantucket!!   But first, a little back-story.  Per usual, I’m standing in the checkout line at Whole Foods (lately it seems that all the inspiration I get is from the grocery store), and on the phone multi-tasking.  This, I know, irritates the check out clerk, but I don’t want to interrupt the person on the phone, as that too would be rude.  I see the new issue of Boston Home out of the corner of my eye, and think, did I get this in the mail already?  Did my subscription run out?  But darn, I can’t remember and the cover is just too good to resist!  So I buy it.

My favorite feature is the article by Jennifer Sperry, “Land’s End.”  This oceanfront home, in Surfside on Nantucket, is beautifully designed.  It encompasses, so many things that I love:  the shiplap walls and ceilings;  the oil-rubbed bronze door hinges and hardware;  and the rough-hewn rafters and exposed studs.

When I came across this image, I knew I had to share it here on the blog.

photo by Nat Rea


Interestingly, the home, which used to be a Cape, is now divided into three parts — the main entry and bedroom wing; the living room; and the kitchen, dining room, and master suite.  Joe Paul of BPC Architecture — one of the Nantucket-based firms (along with Cross Rip Development and Donna Elle Interior Design) responsible for the home’s design — created an entertaining focal point to separate the kitchen from the dining and living rooms with this boat-shaped, uplit bar.  (The bar top is hand painted by Nantucket artist Mary Emery — see article link for photo).  Above the bar, the grouping of three glass pendants are Belgian wine jugs that Donna Elle had retrofitted.  The juxtaposition of the lighting with the modern bar design is so striking, as is the modern railing on the stairs next to all of the woodwork and paneling.  I also love the variation in the widths of wide plank flooring to the horizontal shiplap (with transition to vertical in the stairwell), and the beadboard coffered ceiling.

Each room is so thoughtfully designed with the ocean views in mind.  Take a look at the furniture placement in the living room and check out the rest of the interiors, here.

If you want to see images of the home that did not make it onto the pages of the magazine, go read Rachel Slade’s blog post, “More Nantucket Shots,” and then a MUST READ that had me laughing — truly one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read — is Rachel’s post, “Hilarious FB Commentary,” where she shares pure comedy that came from a photo of a bathroom inside this house.  And it’s not the bathroom humor, you’re thinking of!

images: (1) photo by Ei3’s, (2) photo by Nat Rea courtesy of BostonMagazine.com


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