Art of the Arrangement: House of Ceramics

When it comes to arranging displays, vignettes, mantles or a bookshelf, the use of threes or odd numbers creates a more visually appealing composition.  I’ve discussed the Rule of Three in detail, and found a great resource in Holly Becker’s, Decorate book on “The Art of Arrangement” as well.

Etsy seller, House of Ceramics, makes it easy — creating ceramic objects in groups of three and odd numbers — and offers arrangements as art, thereby taking away the task and (for some) the challenge of “the art of” arranging.

1.  Ceramic Still Life, $1,345 – nine bottle forms and three pieces of fruit

2.  Group of Three Hand-Built Ceramic Pears, $99  3.  Group of Three Ceramic Fruit, $93 – lemon, apple, peach  4.  Group of Three Decorative Ceramic Spheres $48 – eggs in green, chartreuse and reddish undertones  5.  Three Hand-Built Ceramic Tealight/Votive Holders, $44 – stormy blue and celadon

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