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Batch Label Design

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

While shopping down the frozen food aisle yesterday, I spotting something I had never seen before —  Batch ice cream.  What caught my eye was the label design.  (I’ve mentioned before that I love packaging.)  The pint-sized cartons of ice cream stand out in the freezer with their black labels which look like handwriting on a chalkboard — a vintage, homemade and handmade feel.  I thought to myself, these clever folks are right on trend!

Batch ice cream is certified organic. *Batch ice cream is made with the freshest ingredients that are local, fair trade and organic (where they can).  Batch doesn’t believe in flavors coming from a bottle.  The label says, “Made in Small Batches by:  Susie & Veronica.”    The drawing of the state of Massachusetts shows exactly where the ice cream is made — in Jamaica Plain — and as the label points out (with arrows) on a “very old scroll,” each container is made from scratch.  √Organic.  √Freshly Made.  √Buy Local.  SOLD.  I bought Salted Caramel, and it was delicious!

I found these upcycled gold miners’ billy cans on Etsy, sold by Unity Blue, which have the same feel as Batch’s packaging.

*Correction on 2/29/2012

images:  1) photos by Ei3’s;  2) Etsy.com

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