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Maine is our Winter destination on weekends and over the kids’ school vacation week.   When in Maine, our time is dedicated 100% to family activities, but on the drive up from Boston, I always say, “I’d love to stop in Portland,” or “Kennebunkport,” or “maybe we can run through that antique shop on the way home?”  Inevitably, none of this ever happens – Sundays we are rushing to get home – and over school vacation week, well, there’s never a break with entertaining the kids.  So, I never get my fix, and keep hoping that one of these days I can set aside time to peek into local shops or galleries and experience some Maine design.

Instead, a couple of weeks ago, I picked up Maine Home + Design’s The Interior Design Issue 2012.  It is the magazine’s first-ever Interior Design issue, where they chose fourteen designers who selected one room to showcase their signature styles.  Because I love coastal homes, I was engrossed with page after page.  Each designer is so talented and each room is uniquely different from the next.  I’d fall in love with one of the rooms and then would turn the page, only to be awe of the next one.  The issue is a great resource for products, inspiration and “tricks of the trade.”

My favorite space is titled, Organic & Contemporary, by designer, Nicki Bongiorno from Spaces Kennebunkport.  Her signature style is to create a calm, layered effect in a space by using a variety of textures combined with neutrals and soft colors.


In this home, furnishings with organic qualities that were reminiscent of the beach – rattan, rope, raw wood, weathered materials and brushed metal – balance out the contemporary design of its architecture.  Nicki used small doses of a coral color carefully placed throughout the room to keep the eye moving rather than concentrating on one focal point.  The three small coral cocktail tables are the show-stealer here.   Nicki had purchased them in a natural bamboo and then transformed them with paint, giving the room a unique and whimsical feel.  The room is open to a modern kitchen with the dining overlooking the water views — it accomodates several functions and is beautiful and comfortable.


To check out the other featured designers and their spaces from the issue, go here.


Photos by Trent Bell courtesy of Maine Home + Design

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