Salvaged Objects

Salvaged objects juxtaposed with modern furnishings creates balance.  Warm and worn characteristics of the old offset the sleek and clean qualities of the new.  I love these 3 salvaged items that are upcycled in the Austin, Texas home of Anne Suttles and Sam Shah.

photo by Brent Humphreys

The rusty 7Up sign is hung sideways on a sliding door.

photo by Brent Humphreys

The dining table is made from two old Mexican doors, and four old wooden chairs sit next to a new fiberglass one with modern pendants hanging above.

photo by Brent Humphreys

A vintage old Leaded Pennant Gas sign in a bedroom with a contemporary stainless steel ceiling fan.

I love to find reclaimed and salvaged accessories for the home and usually hit the Brimfield Antique Show for such items.  However, since Brimfield occurs only three times a year (May, July, September), in off-months, my “go to” source is Water & Main.  If I’m looking for something specific, I’ll contact Tracy Foley and she’ll track it down.

 Three things from Water & Main: 1.2.3.

images:  (1,2,3) photography by Brent Humphreys via Dwell, (4) created by Ei3s, courtesy of Water & Main


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