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Salvaged Objects

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Salvaged objects juxtaposed with modern furnishings creates balance.  Warm and worn characteristics of the old offset the sleek and clean qualities of the new.  I love these 3 salvaged items that are upcycled in the Austin, Texas home of Anne Suttles and Sam Shah.

photo by Brent Humphreys

The rusty 7Up sign is hung sideways on a sliding door.

photo by Brent Humphreys

The dining table is made from two old Mexican doors, and four old wooden chairs sit next to a new fiberglass one with modern pendants hanging above.

photo by Brent Humphreys

A vintage old Leaded Pennant Gas sign in a bedroom with a contemporary stainless steel ceiling fan.

I love to find reclaimed and salvaged accessories for the home and usually hit the Brimfield Antique Show for such items.  However, since Brimfield occurs only three times a year (May, July, September), in off-months, my “go to” source is Water & Main.  If I’m looking for something specific, I’ll contact Tracy Foley and she’ll track it down.

 Three things from Water & Main: 1.2.3.

images:  (1,2,3) photography by Brent Humphreys via Dwell, (4) created by Ei3s, courtesy of Water & Main


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