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Neon Brights and Blog Designs

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Neon brights – a flashback to the ’80s, and a big trend this Spring 2012.  I saw early signs of neon back in December, as Resort lines were landing at retail.  Here, I’ve honed in on neon colors mostly in accessories:  sunglasses, handbags, jewelry and shoes.  A way to be on-trend, but not over doing it, pairing the brights with basic black and white.

I’ve also seen a trend with black, white and brights in several new redesigns on blogs (mine included).  The thought process behind the color scheme of Everything in 3s, was to use a single pop color.  We played around with a few ideas and different colors, however, settled on the fuchsia, or hot pink, mainly because my business cards were pink.  I had already invested time and money into the cards, so decided to stay cohesive with the “branding.”  I’ve noticed a few other blogs have also adopted a sleeker, black-and-white design.  For example, Kelly Market, went from a multi-colored header to black and white, also with pops of pink.  So, I want to take note, and see if this simplified, minimalist color trend has momentum.  Once again, fashion influences design, and vice versa.

Aside from black and white themes, there are some gorgeous colorful header designs out there.  Two that come to mind quickly are Marcus Design and Rurally Screwed.  Do you prefer colorful, artful blog designs or minimalist ones?  Do you have a favorite to share?  What about the neon trend?  Will you partake, or sit this one out?


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