Countdown: Best Rooms of 2011

My favorite 13 rooms of 2011.

photo by Emily Anderson

13.  Crystal Gentilello’s living room.  I love the contrast of the glass globe pendant and lamps against the dark charcoal greys.  Rue Anniversary Issue.


photo by Colleen Duffley

12.  Red pendant lights and teal-colored cabinetry in Bob Williams’ kitchen.  (I also love the 3 vintage chairs in his home, here.)  Traditional Home, April 2011.

photo by Jonny Valiant

11.  Barry Dixon’s untraditional, diagonal placement of club chairs, and the pink and brown color scheme.  House Beautiful, September 2011. 


photo by John Kernick

10.  Red accents in a kitchen.  Red, white, vintage — yum.  House Beautiful, March 2011.

photo by Victoria Pearson

9.  Outdoor space with a fireplace.  House Beautiful, November 2011.

photo by Jonny Valiant

8.  The Missoni-inspired, chevron painted floor of this beach house bedroom.  Interior design by Mona Ross Berman.  House Beautiful, September 2011.


photo by Francesco Lagnese

7.  Great white living room.  I love the open spaces, the mix of the rustic furnishings (three-legged farm table) with 18th century gilded pieces (the bombé chest and antique barometer), and the scale of the iron chandelier.  Interior design by Myra Hoefer.  House Beautiful, April 2011.


photos by Julian Wass

6.  Stairs don’t count as a room, but I love the interlocking walnut treads (left).  This Hamptons beach house has an upside-down layout with the kitchen on the second floor.  The juxtaposition and starkness of the glass stair rail, and the white Corian countertop in the rustic, whitewashed pine and post-and-beam interior, elevates the design.  House Beautiful, October 2011.

photo by Steve Giannetti

5.  The industrial and vintage pieces in this office space in Brooke and Steve Giannetti’s homeVeranda, July/August 2011.

photo by Simon Upton

4.  Not “room,” but rooms!  Since we’ve seen just about every room of Courtney Cox’s Malibu home all over the blogosphere, I chose her entranceway to show here (even though I love every single room in this house) because, let’s face it, her artwork just rocks!  Paintings by Harland Miller.  Elle Decor, July/August 2011.

photos by Roger Davies

3.  My favorite place.  Nantucket.  One of my favorite stories of the year, was of the renovation of this 1860’s home by architect, Rebecca Ascher.  Kitchens and baths sell a home, and these images had me wishing I could move in.  Elle Decor, July/August 2011.

photo by William Waldron

2.  Kerri Russell and Shane Deary’s Brooklyn brownstone.  I know, I know.  Who didn’t love this home?  I remember when I first learned about the article from Vanessa on DecorHappy, and then couldn’t wait for my hardcopy of Elle Decor to arrive in my mailbox.  Again, the entire house is amazing!   The painstaking hard work and carpentry of Shane Deary is visible in all of the rooms where reclaimed materials have been repurposed as in the side table and mirror shown in their living room.  Elle Decor, June 2011.

photo by Mali Azima

1.  The most memorable room of 2011 (to me, anyhow).  Bold and modern, yet, simple and classic.  Gutsy green velvet drapes, Belgian linen, gray whitewashed floors.  Less is more.  Interior design by Kay Douglass.  Veranda, September 2011.  (image via Pinterest)


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