Behind the Name


Cecilia.  Cecile.  Cecelia.  Cece.  I love to see my name on products, especially because when I worked in product development, I had to assign names to shoes.  Inspiration would come from the names of the designers in our office, or sometimes we’d use style icons like Audrey, Jackie, Ava and Grace.  So, when I see my name, I wonder, what’s the story behind it? 

I only have the answer for one of the items above, #5 the Cecelia clutch .  Hillary Lammens, founder and creative force, named her handbag line, Cecelia after her grandmother, an accessories maven.  I like that.  Even though I spell my name with an “i”, as in C-E-C-I, my nickname is Cece.  I’d love to track down Jenna Lyons and ask her who their “Cece” is.

I couldn’t resist a 30% off sale, and did indulge in one of the items above — as a Christmas gift to myself.  Can you guess?

(1)  Cecilia Quilted Bag – Marc Jacobs,  (2,4,6)  Cece Suede Ballet Flat – J.Crew,  3.  Cecile Dress – Kirribilla  5. Metallic Python Convertible Clutch by Cecelia

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