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A New Look

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

If you stopped by over the weekend, you may have noticed that we were tweaking this site.  Last year, in the midst of the holiday craze, I decided to start writing a blog and the beginning of this month marked my first anniversary.  With the help of IgoeCreative, we quickly created a logo, posted it up on WordPress, and I was off and writing!

For a while I’ve wanted to update the look of the blog, and in my usual Type A fashion, thought the one-year mark would be a “great” time to do it.  I have 4 family birthdays the first week of December, Christmas cards STILL to send out and unfulfilled gift lists — not such a brilliant idea, anymore.  I am slightly delirious, so bear with us as we make further revisions in the upcoming days.  Thanks to Sheila at IgoeCreative and to my family for your patience and overwhelming support!

image by IgoeCreative

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