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Third Eye: From The Road

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

I love when people tell me they see a cool design with 3 things, or the number 3.  In this case, Tracy of Water & Main, spotted a huge “3” on a restaurant sign, as she was driving past it.  On her way back, she snapped the shot from the side of the road and sent it to me.  As curiosity would have it, I had to research — what’s behind the name “3”?  Turns out, it’s the third restaurant owned by Stephen Corcoran (with two other restaurants in Sudbury and Norwood, Massachusetts).  Interestingly enough, the artwork in the restaurant has a “three” theme to it.  There’s an Andy Warhol poster at the entrance stating, “One’s company, two’s a crowd, but three’s a party,”  and another poster shows a groom driving three brides.  Additionally, the dinnerware is “three” themed, as some of the plates are triangular in shape.  You can read more about the restaurant 3, here and here.

photo by Water & Main

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