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A White Christmas {Rule of Three}

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

When arranging your holiday vignettes, keep in mind the Rule of Three and odd numbers.

photo by Victor Schrager


I love the idea of using your favorite black and white photos to create a wreath.  Here, there are a few repeated “threes.”  First, the grouping of 3 white things — the white candle, the bowl of meringues, the wrapped gifts — all placed at 3 different heights.  There are also 3 different elements to this vignette:  the wreath;  the floral arrangement;  the grouping of white things.

courtesy of Revel Blog


Here, Nienke of the Revel Blog creates 3 paper pom-pom snow balls at the center of her all-white vignette.  She places the candle-filled cake plate, the snow balls and the vase with white berry branches at 3 varying heights, which allows the eye to wander.  The mini white-ball ornaments also mimicked in 3 places (in the berries; scattered along the snow ball pots; and on the cake plate).

via hvitur lakkris


The olive tree, the star lantern and the wire basket filled with craft-paper wrapped gifts are 3 holiday items amongst a rustic background.  I love the weathered window pane leaning against the wall and the paint-worn head.  Altogether, an odd-numbered vignette.

photo by Janis Nicolay


Two sets of 3.  The mercury ball wreath, the stag and the white grouping on the console table — which in of itself is composed of 3 white things, once again at 3 varying heights.


images:  Country Living, courtesy of Revel BlogHvítur Lakkrís, House and Home


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