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One Year

Posted by Cecilia Walker on


A year ago today, I wrote my first post and hit “publish.”  I was excited to be taking on a new challenge, but nervous and skeptical about putting myself — my thoughts;  bits about my family;  my life — out onto the World Wide Web.  I had my doubts:  Would anyone even read my blog?  Would there be enough “3s concepts” to write about in the world of design and fashion?  I’m not a writer, can I actually write?  But with encouragement from the talented minds at IgoeCreative, and the support from two of my decorator friends, I set aside my fear and any self-doubt, and stepped up to the plate.

I’ve spent a year finding my way through the ins-and-outs of blogging, and writing about art, design and fashion, albeit with “threes.”  Moving forward into Year #2,  I plan to reorganize the blog, and launch the Cecilia Walker Design site.  You may find a hiccup here and there, or a week with fewer posts  — this, because my family will always be my first priority, and I continue to strive for balance in our lives.  Nevertheless, the blog will evolve.

Blogging has been a creative outlet for me.  I’ve enjoyed making new friends with designers, readers, and those in the blogging community.  I’ve been blessed with new opportunities and inspired every day.  I have a lot to be grateful for.

Stay tuned.

image ©Marius Roosendaal {here}

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