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Our Christmas Card Dilemma

Posted by Cecilia Walker on



I love sending and receiving Holiday cards every year.  In previous years, I’ve handmade them.  Over the years, I’ve gone back and forth between TinyPrints and Shutterfly, and wish that I could find one on Minted that works.  Before the arrival of the triplets, it wasn’t difficult to get a good photo — I had one child.  With one kid, it was pretty easy to get creative with the shots, or the wording of our greeting (which Shutterfly gives the flexibility to do), however back then, I used 35mm film and had to use up at least a roll or two (if I attempted black and white film, as well) to get one picture.

Our dilemma?  With four kids, it’s nearly impossible to get a perfect shot — that is unless you’re my favorite photographer, Kerry Brett, whose portraiture is, hands down, THE BEST.  (If her portfolio isn’t convincing enough, come over to my house and I’ll show you how she’s captured the most beautiful shots from impossible, squirmy situations.)  Usually, I like to get a festive photo, or try to hold out for a snowy scene, but with our lingering 65 degree weather of late, and the clock ticking, I gave up.  It never works for me to “stage” a photo, or to make my kids pose for a group shot.  Not to mention, my good camera is STILL at a camera shop for repairs.  So, I deferred to our summer photos and chose the individual ones above, taken by our friend, Erica Brackett.

After unsuccessfully locating a 4-photo format on TinyPrints and Minted, I decided on this one from Shutterfly, mainly because I could get the biggest 4 photos on the front, and had an option for another photo placement on the back, with the option to customize the greeting and fonts.  I played around with 3 different formats (as numbered above):

 1.  Black and White option – with red and white font on the front.  My son wanted the photo of his sister with her arms up in the air, to be matched up with the word “JOY.”

2.  Back side – with an additional photo and a greeting in a green font.  This was a must-have option, because I had chosen an artistic shot of my son for the front which didn’t show his face.

3.  A color version.  In color, I changed the composition based on the colors of the kids’ rashguards.  I also used different font colors in Azure blue and white.  We thought our little one with her arms up, worked better paired with “JOY,” but I guess “Merry Merry” works too.

4.  Version 2 of a color card option.  I substituted a portrait shot of my son in sunglasses.  Not my favorite shot of him, but chosen at request of my husband.

It’s not the best card that we’ve done, but it works, AND it’s checked off my list!  If you haven’t done your Holiday cards yet, I do love all the company options that I’ve mentioned, but an extra bonus…if you order on Shutterfly by the end of today, November 30, you can get 30% off and free shipping.


p.s.  To friends and family members who are reading this.  I apologize that you’ve gotten a preview here, but maybe you’ll get a bit of surprise trying to figure out which one you’ll receive in the mail.

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