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Making a List, Checking it Thr-ice

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Just like that.  The holiday season is here.  For me, Thanksgiving week is like waiting for the starting gun at the begining of a race — anxiety, excitement — and then, Black Friday arrives, and we’re off!  My head is spinning with thoughts:  December birthdays; Christmas cards;  holiday gifts;  teachers gifts;  airline tickets;  travel plans;  school applications;  New Year’s Eve.  My lists are scattered in several places — from note pads, to note books, to iApps — and throughout the year I struggle with the idea of keeping them all in one place (i.e. a notebook) or on individual lists (so that I don’t lose my master “To Do” at the grocery store with my shopping list). 

Because my lists get longer over the holidays, I decided to look into a better organizational system for myself and love all the creative ideas out there for “To Do” lists.

 A favorite saying in our house…


I like the progression of the next 3 “Stuff to Do” pads by modernemotive.

1.  You start out optimistic…


2.  Enough is enough…


3.  Get to business AND…


For the person like me who has to visit multiple grocery stores in a week.


These pads look like paint chips in a fan deck.


For multiple lists on one page…


 Inspirational quotes to get you motivated to check, check, check!

 Christmas gift shopping.


For moms and families who are tired of making the same meals week after week.


And finally, not necessarily a “To Do” list pad, but nonetheless, a very funny office gift or stocking stuffer for the social networker.  More like a “To Take Action,” if you dare be so bold to pass along.


{click on images for direct links – via Etsy, MomAgenda, KnockKnock}


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