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{Ei3s} Elsewhere in 3s – 11.11.11

Posted by Cecilia Walker on


by Kirsty Hall


Three 11’s.  Once in 100 years.  Veteran’s Day.  There’s a lot of information about today’s date:  the significance of the number 11;  the repetition of the numbers;  the superstitions or beliefs.  Some good, some bad.  Some downright funny.  And so, I am sending you “elsewhere” with 3 links.

1)  Most importantly, today is Veteran’s Day.  Jesse Knadler, former women’s magazine editor, moved from New York to rural Virginia and chronicles her country-life experiences on Rurally Screwed.  Her second book, Rurally Screwed:  My Life Off the Grid with the Cowboy I Love is due out in Spring 2012.  Her first book, Tart & Sweet, is actually a cookbook and offers 101 Canning and Pickling recipes for the modern kitchen.  The other day I was reading her post about Veteran’s Day, and laughed so hard that I spit the water, I was drinking, out of my mouth!

2)  The good:  Read this article from the Miami Herald about the significance and events of 11/11/11.   I liked learning about the online push to declare 11/11/11 as “Nigel Tufnel Day,” in honor of the movie’s, This is Spinal Tap, lead guitarist character, and the fact that over 24,000 brides have registered today as their wedding day on theknot.com

3)  The not-so-positive:  Natalie Wolchover on MSNBC.com discusses that 11/11/11 has no special meaning.  Eerie numerology for number 11.


photo by Kirsty Hall via flickr

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