Win Win – Poppin & Simply Grove

Last week I won the Poppin Giveaway, hosted by Kirsten Grove on Simply GrovePoppin is a small company that sells colorful office supplies – 16 colors, to be exact – in sleek and modern designs.  The other day, I came home to a bright blue box (…but not the small one with the white ribbon) and couldn’t remember what I had ordered? 


I had my ‘Aha!’ moment, when I saw the picture of the stapler on the box with the words “Just Hold Me.”  The other sides say, “Stick With Me,” – tape dispenser, “Pencil Me In,” – pencil, and “Let’s Stick Together,” – sticky note.

And inside…


A black and white ruler.  A yellow tape dispenser.  Green metal pens.  White scissors.  A mini notebook.  Two white Inbox trays.

I like the individual items’ packaging shown above, and am thrilled to have such a cool tape dispenser!  (Bye-bye, plastic Scotch Tape holder.)  It’s actually my favorite item.  I love the design, the color (and would buy more in other colors, just because they’re so pretty), but mostly I think the weight of the dispenser rocks.  It’s nice and heavy.


Things like tape and scissors disappear quickly around our house with 4 kids who like to do art projects.  So, I know I’ll be ordering more supplies from Poppin and have put together a bunch of items next on my list.  (Yes, I need another tape dispenser!  In pink, for the girls.  And a larger notebook!  I’ve got lists and lists.)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Thanks Poppin and Kirsten Grove!  Let’s hope my good luck continues and comes “in threes!”

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