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3 Things: From Emily Henderson’s Gift Guide

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

With sick kids at home, client work and a few projects keeping me tied up, I’ve been away from my regular blog reading.  One of my favorite blog series is “Monday Meandering,” over on DecorHappy where Vanessa gives readers a list of some inspirational links to check out.  For me, it’s like a friend tapping you on the shoulder saying, “Did you see this?”

One thing I’ve missed is the release of Emily Henderson’s The Holiday Guide, which is a virtual magazine filled with over 400 handpicked gift ideas by Emily and a company of bloggers.  The click-through ability of virtual magazines makes it easy to shop, so you don’t have to carry around tear sheets or catalogs while you do your holiday shopping.

It usually takes me awhile to get through online magazines, but with The Holiday Guide, I went cover-to-cover once I started reading it.  You’ll have to check it out yourself, but for now, I thought I’d share my favorite 3 Things.

1)  French designer, David Turpin’s, POP! Handset (The Holiday Guide, p. 79)




This gift is so clever!  Besides being so cool and a great conversation piece, the retro inspired handset saves your brain from cell phone radiation.  It comes in an assortment of bright colors, but I like the red — I mean, who wouldn’t want their own “Bat-phone?”

2)  Kiel Mead Forget-Me-Knot Ring – 14K Gold, (The Holiday Guide, p. 61)

A loaf of bread.  A carton of milk.  A stick of butter.  If you’re like me, you tend to forget what you’re shopping for in a nano-second.  This Forget-Me-Knot ring is hopefully the key to remembering!   It also made “Emily’s Faves” list.

3)  Christen Maxwell’s Neon Piper Pillows, (The Holiday Guide, p. 160)

I love pillows and am constantly changing them over at home.  The pop of neon brights to any grey palette makes an interesting room. 


Thanks to Emily (and team) for the shopping tips,  and to Vanessa for the head’s up!


 Click on image above, or go here:  http://issuu.com/stylebyemilyhenderson/docs/hgg_eh_2011

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