In my last post, I had mentioned that I had gotten 3 signs throughout my day which reminded me to slow down, to stop stressing and live in-the-moment, and to embrace life, rather than rush through it.  Easier said than done, but I keep trying to be mindful of this.

While those signs were intangible and figurative, I thought I’d share 3 signs (these, “concrete” and literal) that I came across while sourcing art and accessories for a recent client project .  I always like to incorporate a unique vintage item into my room designs, and considered these for their colors and simplicity.


One of the client’s color schemes is blue and white.  I liked this Ice Cream one, from Water & Main, because of its size, the colors and typography. 



 Although this one is not an antique, it is vintage-inspired and made from cast iron.  “WC” stands for water closet, and is a fun accent on a bathroom door.  Or, it can read as my initials, if you’re dyslexic.



These French antique road signs from Found, have a cool circular shape and simple graphics.  A pop of red, is a bonus.


images:  Water&Main, Found, Farmhouse Wares



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