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#Brimfield Tweet Up

Posted by Cecilia Walker on


Yesterday, from 6am to 8am, text messages were rapidly coming in:  “Are you still planning to go?”; “It’s pouring rain.  I’m bagging Brimfield.”; “Let’s make a call in an hour,” read my phone.  But my sitter was lined up, and one last phone call to Tracy, the Brimfield Navigator (as I’ve nicknamed her), confirmed it was a done deal.  We’ve gone in the rain in past years, and neither of us could attend the Brimfield Antique Show over the weekend, so off we went!  Despite that our group dropped from six to a small rat-pack of three, we were determined to make the best of the weather.

 After about two minutes in the car, I thought about turning around and going home.  It was pouring buckets!  But, a quick Tweet to Shelley Holmes (@WykehamGirl) and I heard back:

“@everythingin3s Clearing here in CT. #Brimfield should see signs of clearing skies soon.  128N has a ways to [sic] go before it lightens up.”

As a newbie to Twitter, I loved the instantaneous weather report from someone I’ve never met!  (Thank you Shelley!)  It turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day, albeit humid, muddy and flooded.  We had assumed that the attendance would be low, and were prepared with rain gear and boots, but did not expect parking to be an issue (due to flooded fields).

 Here are some of the sights:


photo by IgoeCreative


 Red plastic cups protecting the furniture feet.

Our threesome was pretty happy!  Dealers were in great spirits and were willing to negotiate on pricing;  the sun was shining; the crowds sparse.  All was good, but what made our day an A+ was the #Brimfield TweetUp  hosted by Gretchen Aubuchon (@gaubuchondesign) and Cynthia Bogart (@thedailybasics).  Tracy is a Brimfield veteran with 20+years under her belt, and I started attending Brimfield back in 2001.  We thought the TweetUp, hospitality tent, DIY and Benjamin Moore demonstrations were a brilliant idea!!  Why didn’t anyone think of this years ago, before Twitter?  The power of social media is awe-inspiring!  While we couldn’t stay for the Live Tweet Chat at 3pm, nor the cocktail hour and dinner party, we thought the event and all of the little details, just ROCKED!  So, thank you to Cynthia, Gretchen, Aubuchon Hardware, Benjamin Moore, Company C and everyone involved with the TweetUp!

photo by Water & Main


 L to R:   Sheila, Tracy, Cynthia, me, Gretchen


photo by IgoeCreative



photo by Water & Main


Things I loved and “threes” we spotted:


A vintage poster from 1968 (a great year!)

Lots of letters….


 Triangles in 3 at Duchess D. (I like the rhyme too!)


Cool art.  “Most people are not O.K.”



 English translation:  Growing/Producing Community of Hamburg.  The Big Market of Hamburg (Thanks, Phyllis!)




 3 doors.


photo by IgoeCreative


 A 13-foot long counter.


photo by IgoeCreative


Industrial lighting like we saw back in May.


photo by IgoeCreative


A convex starburst mirror and the salvaged gear mirror that I took home!



photos courtesy of IgoeCreative, Water & Main;  all other photos by Ei3s

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