A Red Bandana

Yesterday, my husband forwarded an email to me (sent to him by a friend).  What was passed along from friend-to-friend was an ESPN tribute to Welles Crowther, a Boston College lacrosse player, and 9/11 civilian hero.  We did not know Welles, but have friends from BC who did.  This is an incredible story — one that brought me to gutwrenching tears, and then inspired me moments later.

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaching, it seems meaningless to post about beautiful interiors or fashion trends when so many hearts are heavy.  My husband and I, along with many of our friends, lost our beloved friend, “Jack” (also a Boston College grad), during the World Trade Center attacks, who we’ll honor later this week.  So, please excuse the lack of design and style posts while we all take time to reflect on the lives of those we loved and the heroes of 9/11 – firefighters, policeman, rescue workers, and people like Welles, who inspire us with their courage and selflessness.  I will never look at a red bandana in the same way, and will always think of Welles when I see one.

photo:  “Afternoon Sun” ©Marjorie of marginscribbler’s photostream via flickr

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