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Holly Becker’s First Stop: Boston

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

I received my Decorate book back in mid-April.  Besides my excitement over some serious eye-candy, I really loved the way Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick laid out every page:  some with diagrams of floor plans; others, numbered lists of guidelines; all with gorgeous interiors and quotes from well-known design professionals.  In addition, the book is well-organized with the different sections (“Space Matters,” “Setting Your Style,” “Room by Room,” and “Attention to Detail”) including a host of different styles and budgets in each chapter.  The book offers “1,000 professional design ideas for every room in your home,” and is an encyclopedia of information, inspiration, design tips and advice from some of the most creative design minds all over the globe.

Even before I began reading the book — when I first opened it up — I thumbed through backwards.  I don’t know why I do this?  It’s a habit with magazines as well – but, I always seem to turn the book/magazine face down on my lap and then, literally, hold all the pages in my left hand and “fan-through” backwards.  A habit that may have started with my anxiousness to see the featured homes in shelter magazines FIRST, rather than paging through the monthly features at the beginning.  (And, yes, I already know that I’m a shelter-mag freak.)

So, my first time thumbing backwards, I hit a natural stop (where there’s a break between each grouping of stitched pages, called “signatures“) on page 242.  The title at the top, “The Art of Arrangement:  Creating impact with display,” coupled with the striking photo of the many different styles of chairs lined up, made me pause even longer.  I had to read further.

The second paragraph on the page reads, “As a general rule, grouping similar objects together in groups of three works better than a pair of things.”  Groups of three!  As you can imagine, I had a big smile on my face.  When I read the photo caption, I discovered that the room, with all the uniquely different chairs lined up, was from Vicente Wolf‘s New York loft.  (Score #2 – Vicente is one of, if not my single favorite designer, and my mom’s too!)  I was thrilled.  The design advice in the caption is:  “A lined up display works best if all the individual elements are quite different from one another.”  The reference is made to the range in Vicente’s collection of black and white photographs along the two shelves, as well as the grouping of chairs.  And even a step further, I see three things:  1) the large square stand-alone canvas, 2) the grouping of framed black and white photographs and 3) the line-up of chairs.

I finished thumbing quickly backwards, and then started from page one and read the book cover-to-cover.  It’s so much information that, I know, I will have to go back and re-read again and again.  Each room, each photograph is better than the previous one!  Decorate is a one-stop shop for all of my favorite design inspiration – seriously!  There is not one photograph that I did not like, where I couldn’t find some element that I absolutely love – and discovered how much Amy Neunsinger rocks.

This Saturday, August 20th, Holly Becker begins her North American book tour here at Anthropologie in Boston.  I’ll be in line to get my book signed and am excited to meet Holly in person, especially after I had her as a teacher for my Blogging Your Way e-course.  Let me know if you’ll be attending as well!  Otherwise, look for Holly in upcoming cities:  Chicago, San Franciso, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York City.

photos by Ei3s

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