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Relax and Diffuse

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

After a weekend away from home, everyone in our family is excited to be back in their own beds.  This past weekend we forgot one of our girls’ sleeping aids – her pillow.  Her sisters tote around their special “blankies,” but this down-pillow attachment phase is about 6-months new.  When we arrived home on Sunday, she ran upstairs directly into her bed.  She loves the smell and the softness. 

This made me think about comforting scents in the home.  So I’ve listed 3 of my favorite reed diffusers from low-to-high.

Lavender and chamomile.  k. hall designs – washed cotton scent $46

This one was introduced to me by my friend, Mary Beth.  Anyone that knows MB, will walk into my powder room and say, “I smell Mary Beth’s bathroom.”  It always gets compliments.  Alora Ambiance – Verde 16oz. $70 


The smell of verbena brings memories of the Russian Hill (San Fran) apartment of my friend, Aileen, and also makes me think of Susan.   It’s on the high-end of home fragrances, but is worth the money and lasts a LONG time.  Agraria – Lemon Verbena 7.4 oz. $110

Our oldest child had outgrown his (stuffed) puppy dog attachment a few years back (he’s 10-years old), so we’ll see how long this pillow-thing lasts.  I’ve known some to take theirs to college.  With the triplets, we get a lot of “monkey-see, monkey-do.”  So with two attached to blankets, it’s no surprise that the third found her thing too. 

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