Red Letter Day

I read an article that questioned whether the colored denim trend would endure?  Before I even saw Katie Holmes wearing red Isabel Marant leather pants on Jay Leno Tuesday night, I would’ve bet “yes.”  Though, I didn’t see many wearing colored denim this past season, I think you’ll see the fashion-forward step out this Fall and maybe a bigger following next Spring.  I could be wrong, but my gut is based on the success of Gloria Vanderbilt’s rainbow assortment back in the late ’70s.  Back then I had Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in red, bright yellow and a purple, baby-wale corduroy.  (I might have to be convinced otherwise if we see acid-washed jeans come back into ready-to-wear fashion.)

Credit: Kevin Winter/Tonight Show/Getty Images

 via US Magazine

Whichever fit you fancy — whether skinny, flared or wide-leg — red seems like a no-brainer.

1.  Skinny: AG Jeans

 2)  Flared:  Rag & Bone

3)  Wide Leg:  True Religion

Thanks to Katie Holmes, retailers and buyers who took risks with colored denim can mark her appearance on Jay Leno (Aug. 2nd) as a red-letter day, even though the likes of Ashley Greene and Emerson Fry have already been sporting red.

Ashley Greene in Blank NYC Skinny jean

 Emerson Made Kimchi Pant

Now…which fit to choose?

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