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We’ve Been Flocked!

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Yesterday afternoon we pulled into our driveway and were greeted with what I thought was a practical joke — 3 plastic pink flamingos in our lawn! 

I don’t like any plastic decor outside of the house — not for holidays, nor for the change of seasons.  I prefer simple decor and clean, crisp accents.  I’m a white-lights-on-Christmas-trees kind of person – and have only given into the multi-colored lights as of late, for the sake of our kids.  So…imagine my surprise to find an entire flock of flamingos strewn all over the lawn and the island in front of our house!

The kids, of course, thought it was so cool! 

With a feature in the current July/August 2011 issue of Design New England magazine, for a piece about curb appeal, I thought, okay, ha ha, the joke is on me.  But then we read the sign in the midst of all the birds.

“You’ve Been Flocked!”

As it turns out, our local high school is “flocking” homes to fundraise for the football team.  For a donation, the football team will remove the flock of flamingos, and “flock” another home/family of our choice.  Pretty funny (and clever)!  Brought me back to my childhood when we used to TP houses at night for fun!  Now…if we could only figure out who “flocked” us?

photos by Ei3s


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