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Dinghies in 3s

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

I catch my breath every time I walk past the Easy Street Boat Basin along the Old North Wharf on Nantucket.  It is a picturesque spot unlike any other.  Depending on the tides and currents, the moored dinghies reposition themselves, so each time you walk past, you capture a different snapshot.

On our way back home from The Juice Bar (the best ice cream on island, and maybe anywhere – in our book), the composition of the 3 dinghies in the foreground struck me.  I also noticed the 3 red boats.  Sadly, I only had my iPhone on me (never a camera on hand when you need one!).

July 1, 2011  Note:  Please check out Sarah Winchester’s almost identical photo, posted on her blog just the day before I put up this photo.  We took the pictures 3 days apart, and just missed each other!  I’ve never met Sarah in person (just virtually), but her photography is amazing – I love the details she captures – and HERE you can get a good dose of Summer on Nantucket.  Love the way the blogosphere brings like minds together!

photo by Ei3s

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