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Compass Rose Mural

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

You know the phrase, “You are here,” pointing out your location on a map?  Well, we are here…

Our favorite place…Nantucket Island. 

I love Nantucket maps.  This wall mural is a Nantucket landmark, at the corner of Main and Washington streets.  Back in the 1930s, 16 Main St. was a camera shop owned by H. Marshall Gardiner.  Gardiner had the original sign painted to commemorate locations important to Nantucket, the island’s whaling history and his family.  Currently, the Compass Rose mural sits along the side of a Ralph Lauren store and was restored in the Fall of 2006 to its 1951 rendition, thanks to Ralph Lauren’s and the Nantucket Historical Association’s restoration efforts. 

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