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Kitchen Stools in 3s

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

“Kitchen Stools in 3s” is a series that I started on the blog as a way to showcase beautiful kitchens (I can’t post a pretty picture of a kitchen just because I love it, I have to demonstrate threes).   Three kitchens each with three stools.  In addition, below are 3 different aesthetics:  one traditional, one modern, one rustic.

In this kitchen designed by Gauthier-Stacy, the threes anchor the symmetrical room:  3 plates hung up top above the range;  3 pendant lights over the island; and the 3 stools.

photo by Sam Gray


The middle plate, the middle pendant and the center stool all line up perfectly, creating the focal point and center line for all of the symmetry in the kitchen.  The contrast of the dark wood stools, the warmth of the rush seat-backs and the pop of bright yellow on the upholstered seats (and in the plates on the shelves), balance out the stark white and marble surfaces. 

This next kitchen by Carter Kay Interiors is almost the opposite.

photo by J Savage Gibson


The bold blue cabinets, the dark wood floors and contemporary design set this kitchen apart from an all-white one.  Unlike Gauthier-Stacy’s kitchen, there is not a repetition of threes.   Above the island are 4 sleek and industrial pendant lights which, interestingly enough, divide the island into thirds (when you look at the negative space), creating the (line) boundaries for the 3 stools.  Again, the stools contrast all of the straight, modern lines in the kitchen with their curved backs.  And the materials – the forged iron, and rattan seats and backs – warm up the coolness of the stainless steel and shimmery-tiled backsplash.  Balance is achieved.

While both the kitchens above are gorgeous, this one resonates the most with me.

photo by Antoine Bootz


I love the casual feel and the juxtaposition of rustic and natural elements amongst classic, clean lines.  The woven, basket “beehive” light fixtures, the rustic stools, the worn wood floors surround a beautiful refined island.  Also, notice the 3 different types of wood used – the light wood cabinets;  the white oak island; the antique oak floors.  Lastly, my 3 favorite features designed by architect, Bill Ingram, are the high ceilings, the light-filled room and the paneled walls.

Do you have a favorite?

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photos courtesy of Gauthier-Stacy and Sam Gray Photography and via Coastal Living and Southern Accents

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