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The 3 Sisters Design Co.

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

The 3 Sisters Design Co. is the studio belonging to big sister, Martha Bennington – the tall one in the middle (above).   Martha’s designs center around recycling and reclaiming vintage items and everyday objects – such as dominoes, bottle caps, aluminum cans –  and reinventing them as wearable art.

These flower earrings are made from recycled tin cans.  They are cut, shaped and then stamped with the words ‘grow’ and ‘hope.’

This limited edition bracelet, created with dominoes, is signed and numbered.  The Domino Effect line encompasses over 150 images painted on three different sizes of dominoes and transformed into necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Martha creates the imagery on a rubber stamp and then transfers the art onto a domino.  It is then hand painted with watercolors, pigment dyes and printers inks.  Each and every piece is designed and hand created in her studio, by Martha.

And, these look like leather bracelets, right?  Guess again.  The bracelets are made from recycled bicycle inner tubes, each with one bottle cap!

Martha’s mother and grandmother were teachers, so during summer vacations and long Michigan winters, they taught Martha and her sisters all sorts of arts and crafting.  While the three sisters don’t work together at The 3 Sisters Design Co., middle sister, Meridith, is also a jewelry artist, and baby sister, Anne, a mixed media artist.  Creativity in threes!

all images courtesy of and ©The 3 Sisters Design Co.

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