Handmade vs. Store-Bought?

In our family, we usually like to hand make our greeting cards.  I grew up listening to my mom say, “Don’t buy a card, let’s make one!”  And so, I’ve passed on this tradition to my own kids.  We rarely purchase cards, but this time of year – with graduations, Father’s Day and end-of-school-year teacher’s Thank Yous – I found myself more than once over the weekend, running back out to buy another card.  (We had celebrations for 2 graduates, a birthday, and are approaching the last week of school.)

I have friends who love to buy greeting cards, and will stock up on funny ones when they see them.  They’d never think to make one, because they find so much enjoyment in seeking the funniest card for the occasion.

When I do have to buy a card, I always go for the simplest design and message.  I love letterpress – like these 3:

Snow & Graham


Steel Petal Press

I don’t have any photos of cards we’ve made (we’ve given them away…), but I have kept one of my favorite handmade cards that was given to the girls for their birthday.

I’ve zoomed-in on the hand-folded paper flowers (one designated per child).  When we opened up the flowers, a $5 bill was inside!  The girls were thrilled!  My cousins are all very creative (it runs in my mom’s family) and this card was so special as it was made by kids and had that element of surprise! 

Do you prefer handmade or store-bought cards?

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