Lauren Conrad & A Halo of 3s

Actually, not a halo but a paper crown.  Either way, Lauren Conrad can do no wrong.  An angel, a queen, call her what you want.  She is Hollywood’s “it” girl – climbing her way through the fashion ranks, making her mark as a NY Times Best-selling author and a relatively new blogger.


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Back in my Levi’s® days, our target market was 18-25 year olds, at that time called the Echo Boomers (children of the Baby Boomers) or the Generation Y crowd.  MTV was part of my ritual, my research, tuning-in to the trends and pop culture of that age group.  Years after Levi’s®, I was still watching MTV, and got hooked onto the Laguna Beach series as well as The Hills.  Yes, I was (along with millions of high-school viewers, my college-aged nieces, a small group of women my age – you know who you are – and, to the embarrassment of my husband) on Team Lauren.  I loved how (after re-living high school drama on Laguna Beach) The Hills portrayed the behind-the-scenes look into the fashion industry through Lauren’s journey – interning at Teen Vogue and onto a job with People’s Revolution, and my all-time favorite Hills (and The City) personality, Kelly Cutrone.

To have watched Lauren grow up on her reality TV shows, and build a “Lauren Conrad empire” quite gracefully is really something to admire.  What’s even better is she has done it in “threes.”

#1.  Lauren Conrad the fashion designer.  paper crown is her third clothing line to launch and is due out in specialty boutique stores and Nordstrom in August 2011.  The line is romantic, chic and contemporary, with classic menswear pieces to balance all of the “pretty.”  The story behind the name “paper crown” came from when Lauren was little and playing dress-up at her grandmother’s.  When they’d visit, Lauren didn’t have her dress-up trunk with her, so they’d make paper crowns.  “That was our way of creating our own glamour—and that’s what we wanted the line to be like,” as quoted on  MTV Style.

I love the collection of lace looks (shorts, below), tiered chiffon and the classic basics.

View more of her Fall 2011 Look Book and Holiday collection (with the dress she wore on Chelsea Lately on Monday).

#2.  Lauren Conrad the author.  Lauren’s book series, a trilogy, L.A. Candy, Sweet Little Lies and Sugar and Spice, all made it to the NY Times Best Seller list (with L.A. Candy and Sweet Little Lies hitting #1).  She also wrote Lauren Conrad Style, a fashion guide and another NY Times Best Seller, with a new trilogy, called The Fame Game, due out in 2012.

#3.  Lauren Conrad the reality television star.  As discussed, 1. Laguna Beach, 2. The Hills and 3. A project canceled by MTV for being too “high brow.”  For more explanation, listen to her interview with Chelsea Handler:

On Chelsea Lately 6.6.2011

Alas, I’m still Team Lauren!

images:  with permission via paper crown and

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