The Way We Live

I spotted “Rule of 3” in a bright Honeysuckle pink box on the corner of the page in a recent article by Chris Hayhurst, called “In the Know:  How the Way We Live in Our Homes Is Changing.

The box says:  Rule of 3.  Fewer homes are being built with 3-car garages, 3-season porches, or 3 or more bathrooms.  The page is filled with interesting facts about how the way we live is changing the criteria for the rooms and spaces in our homes.  In general, the forecast is that by the year 2015 the average home will shrink to 2,150 square feet (in 2007 the average sized home was about 2,521 sq.ft and in 2010, 2,377 sq. ft according to the U.S. Census Bureau).  But what’s interesting about this data, is that while homes may be getting smaller, certain rooms are getting bigger.  We want bigger bathrooms, family rooms, eat-in-kitchens and home offices and are willing to sacrifice formal living rooms, formal dining rooms, and foyers/entranceways.  The National Association of Home Builders claims in one survey that 82% of home builders think the living room is on its way out.  52% think it’s going to be gone completely and 30% see the living room merging with other spaces.

The only thing that surprised me is that apparently people want fewer mudrooms.  For me, a mudroom is a “must have,” especially for families with young children.  Though, as expected, home buyers would like more laundry rooms, walk-in closets, main-level master bedrooms, green building and energy efficiency.

(page 28, Renovation Style, Summer 2011)

I always say, “In my dream home, I’d want…”  My list has evolved as our family has grown, but each season (like now) when I start cleaning out closets and organizing, I do seem to agree that I don’t need a large home.  Less is more, and simplifying the way we live is more calming. 

I do love open living spaces, and think that in addition to eat-in-kitchens, a sitting area needs to be incorporated into that space, as the kitchen is the command-center of our homes.  Even when we entertain, everyone gravitates to the kitchen.  In my dream home, I’d love 2 offices;  a study/library-type office and then another one right off the kitchen, with either a huge craft table or homework stations for children.  And third, would be a laundry center (my term for a bigger-than-average room), not my current 2nd-floor laundry closet.

What’s your criteria?  your wish list?

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