Three Flower Girls

We’re off to another wedding!  This time in Chicago, one of my favorite cities.  Our girls are my cousin’s flower girls, and I’m more stressed than probably the bride right now.  I really hope they walk down that aisle!  We’ve been talking about it for months and “practising.”  The girls are shy and will begin walking one at a time, but then run back to where they started and push another sister forward.  Should be interesting! 


We’re really excited to see lots of family, many of whom have never met the girls!  Our 10-year old is thrilled to see his cousins, who we usually only see once or twice a year, and another cousin (who’ll also be at the wedding) is celebrating a birthday today!  I hope to try to meet up with some friends in Chicago as well, but we’ll see…I’ll be able to breathe a little easier once we get through the rehearsal and the wedding day processional!

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